Sensitive Skin Kit

Sensitive Skin
Calm sensitive skin with this face and body kit. Contains: REMEDY CREAM TO OIL (50ML), TRANQUILLITY BODY LOTION (50ML), REMEDY DEFENSE CREAM (15ML), SPECIALIST HAND CREAM (15ML)
COD. 12190
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  • Soothing, nourishing effect.
    • Ideal for sensitive skin prone to redness or dryness.
Remedy Cream To Oil: The product is very concentrated and therefore only a small amount is required. Apply directly to dry skin and massage with circular movements. Remove with warm water, avoiding contact with the eyes.

Tranquillity Body Lotion: Use every day, after a bath or shower. Apply to the entire body and massage until completely absorbd.

Remedy Defense Cream: Apply daily, morning and evening, to clean skin and after applying serum. Massage delicately until completely absorbd.

Specialist Hand Cream: If necessary, apply several times a day and massage until completely absorbd.

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