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Sustainable Skincare Gifts Guide

Show those on your gift list how much you care by giving them the ultimate in skincare gift sets.

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‘Tis the season for self-care and there’s no better way to encourage those on your gift list towards this much-needed practice than with a high-end skincare gift set from [ comfort zone ] which celebrates nature and the importance of caring gestures for oneself, for those we love and for the environment. 

No matter who is on the receiving end of your holiday cheer, they are sure to love one of our elegant skincare gifts. Our limited-edition collection features clean, result-oriented natural formulas for a perfect skin enshrined in colorful, refined boxes manufactured with FSC recycled paper. Everything is made in Italy, and the packaging is fully recyclable and carbon neutral from source to you. 

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Giving the gift of a personal care product is a genuine way to show that you care. People often scrimp on themselves when it comes to skincare products for a number of reasons. They don't feel confident in their skincare knowledge to make the right purchase. They are unaware of the benefits of using superior products. The list goes on. 

By choosing a skincare routine set for loved ones on your gift list, each person will be on the receiving end of so much more than a few bottles of cleanser, toner and lotion. Feeling beautiful and healthy can change one's entire outlook. Glowing, clear skin increases confidence, giving us the courage to start each day with a fresh face forward, hopeful and ready for whatever is to come! On top, knowing the products come from a Certified B Corp® adds a very special value, making them the perfect sustainable choice!

Each year, we launch a new, unique skincare gift set linewith a special theme. This year's gift sets focus on the beauty of and the need for touch and connection. Each encourages and fosters human connection and touch in its own individual way. From connecting with ourselves, each other and with nature, each one of these gift sets was designed with our clients' emotional and physical wellness in mind. 

Beauty Gift - Best Sellers

Here are all of our unique gift sets for everyone on your list!

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Daily Beauty Kit

For the friend that has been struggling constantly with skincare issues, stick a [ comfort zone ] Daily Beauty Kit in his or her stocking. This cleansing and hydrating skincare routine gift set includes our Essential Milkand Hydramemory Cream.

A straightforward combination of a gentle cleanser and nourishing moisturizer: Essential Milk is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin but powerful enough to remove a day’s worth of makeup, dirt, and grime, leaving a fresh, clean face. Moringa oil and Hyaluronic Acid mingle in Hydramemory Cream to offer silky, easily-absorbed moisture which bolsters the skin’s natural barrier. Reset and fortify your skin's natural barrier with these high-quality, consciously designed products!

Hand and Body Ritual Kit

Hard-working hands and bodies deserve a break. Treat them with the luxe Hand and Body Ritual Kit. This skincare gift set features Specialist Hand Cream, Specialist Cuticle Oiland Tranquillity™ Body Lotion.

Hands are one of the most overworked and under nourished parts of the body. That being said, they also quickly reveal our age if not taken care of. For an ample dose of hydration and repair plus beautiful, healthy nails, use the fast-absorbing Specialist Hand Cream and Oil. Then, treat your entire body to a sumptuous lathering of Tranquillity™ Body Lotion. Light traces of floral and woodsy-musk essential oils will continue to promote feelings of peace and calm all day long. 

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Tranquillity™ Kit

Treat your loved ones to a spa night at home with the Tranquillity™ Kit, an aromatic and moisturizing best-seller. This luxurious holiday gift set is complete with a bath and body, essential oil-infused duo.

Tranquillity™ Shower Cream offers a gentle, yet effective body wash infused with wonderful-smelling and relaxing essential oils while Tranquillity™ Body Lotion delivers a heavy dose of moisture. Thanks to the precious Amaranth oil, complete with fragrant cedarwood, sweet orange and rose essential oils, it locks in hydration and prevents dryness. Wash the day’s worries away in a warm bath or steamy shower with these elegant bath products.

Night and Day Kit

Perfect for winter’s harsh weather, the Night and Day Kit offers three outstanding products focused on delivering heavy-duty, round-the-clock moisture. This 24-hour skincare gift set is the ultimate remedy for those suffering from dry, cracked, or dull winter skin.

Apply the Hydramemory Mask at night for fresh, dewy skin by morning. This moisturizing leave-on face mask with Moringa oil and Hyaluronic Acid is easy to use and can be applied multiple times a week to maximize results. The Hydramemory Cream locks in moisture for all day protection and nourishment while the Renight Cream provides ample hydration and antioxidation after your night skincare routine to help slow down the signs of aging.

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Remedy Kit

This fragrance-free kit for delicate and sensitive skin includes two of our best sellers: Remedy Serumand Defense Cream. Designed by scientists with conscious skincare in mind, each of these calming and moisturizing formulas work with your skin's natural defense system to hydrate and fortify it. Say goodbye to dryness and irritation with this powerful soothing kit.

This skincare gift set is the perfect choice for fragile skin in need of special care and protection: the Remedy Kit gives them a chance to try out two awesome, hydrating products that empower the skin’s immune system thank to a natural prebiotic from sugar cane!

Sublime Skin Kit

For the mature women in your life, give the gift of youthful vigor in the form of ultimate anti-aging skincare. The Sublime Skin Kit features Sublime Skin Serum, Creamand Eye Cream for a triple threat that combats all signs of aging, including fine lines and dryness.

Harnessing the power of Hyaluronic Acid*, Peony Extract, Peptides, and Caffeine, these sublime formulas replump, lift and help turn back the hands of time, offering taught, glowing skin.

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Tranquillity™ Home Fragrance

It should come as no surprise that our olfactory receptors are very responsible for influencing our moods and emotions. Certain scents can conjure up old memories from years’ past or quickly release tension and stress from a hectic day.

Cultivating a fresh smelling, calm home environment is a straightforward way to invite peace into your life. Coming home to gentle scents of rose, sandalwood, and geranium can help you immediately unplug from work and switch to relaxation mode. 

The Tranquillity™ Home Fragrance gift set steadily diffuses our special blend of essential oils into the air. Each room will feel bright, airy, and natural with this subtle diffuser. The sleek, minimalist design fits with any home decor aesthetic and makes the perfect gift for any interior design enthusiast on your list.  

Eco-Conscious Gifting

The holidays have a way of producing more waste for our world to bear. You can rest easy knowing that each 

[ comfort zone ] gift set is carbon neutral and produced with recycled paper. We value high-quality ingredients, derived from nature, and never include animal derivatives, silicones, mineral oil, and artificial colors in our personal care products. As a certified B Corporation®, we recognize our position as only a piece of this planet and want to do our part to ensure we leave it better than we’ve found it.

Fresh out of creative gift ideas for the holidays? Place one of [ comfort zone ] skincare gifts under the tree or in the Advent Calendar. These skincare routine sets include many of our best-sellers and are the ultimate beauty gifts for the beauty lover in your life.

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