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Face Exfoliators and Peels

Our effective and safe chemical and enzymatic peels help remove dull skin and correct visible signs of aging to reveal a smooth, fresh look. If you have oily, impure skin, alleviate clogged pores and reduce the risk for breakouts with an exfoliating facial scrub.

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Chemical Peels and Scrubs


At-home facial peels and facial scrubs don’t have to be abrasive to be effective at exfoliating and brightening your overall complexion. Our at-home chemical peel products are both scent and alcohol-free, like ESSENTIAL PEELING, an exfoliant mask treatment that’s delicate enough for sensitive skin types. Equipped with enzymatic peeling action, use this face mask once or twice a week for soft and smooth skin.

Incorporate the illuminating ESSENTIAL SCRUB as part of your routine once or twice a week, formulated with both chemical and mechanical exfoliating properties and natural jojoba spheres. Exfoliate the body with our BODY STRATEGIST PEEL SCRUB, a double-action exfoliating gel with natural silica particles, orange peel, and 10% alpha-polyhydroxy acids for chemical and mechanical action for smoother, softer, and brighter skin. Or, try the SACRED NATURE GOMMAGE, which uses a classic French exfoliation technique to nourish and protect skin all at once.

When it comes to chemical peels, there are three core categories of hydroxy acids used in skincare, specifically facial and body peels: alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs); beta-hydroxy acids (BHA), and poly-hydroxy acids (PHAs).

AHA peels, or alpha-hydroxy acids, like those in the SUBLIME SKIN PEEL PAD can even be used as a body peel. Areas like the decolletage and the tops of hands experience persistent sun exposure, making them more susceptible to sunspots and thickening of the skin. Sweep the SUBLIME SKIN PEEL PADS on the neckline and the back of the hands to rejuvenate these parts of the body. Remember to apply sunscreen when using AHA/BHA peels in your skincare routine, because it can make the skin more sensitive to UV radiation.

There are three core categories of hydroxy acids used in skincare, specifically facial and body peels: alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs); beta-hydroxy acids (BHA), and poly-hydroxy acids (PHAs). AHA peels may include glycolic acid, mandelic acid, or lactic acid, while salicylic acids are considered BHAs. AHAs with glycolic acid tend to penetrate the pore deepest, while other PHAs aren’t engineered for deeper clearing of the skin, making them less irritating to sensitive skin types.

[ comfort zone ] carefully and sustainably creates skincare that will have minimal impact on the planet, and has been designated as a Certified B Corporation since 2016. We all have two homes: our planet and our skin. We improve skin, body, and mind through science-based solutions that care for both people and the planet.

Our unisex chemical peels and exfoliating body and face scrubs are formulated with natural-origin ingredients without silicones, parabens, artificial colors, animal derivatives, SLS, and SLES. They are also suitable for vegans! Dermatologists test our formulas, and their efficacy is clinically proven. With more than 20 years of expertise, our research laboratory delivers high-end, clean, result-driven, sustainable skincare, combining the best of science and nature, inspired by our scientific garden in Parma, Italy at the Davines Village.

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