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Remodeling solutions for your silhouette.

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                By combining science, nature, and technology, we’ve created a sustainable and effective way to reduce the visible signs of cellulite and firm up the skin.   

                Body Strategist renews, reshapes, and tones from head to toe with highly concentrated formulas designed by skin care professionals. 

                TARGET CELLULITE

                Cellulite affects 4 out of 5 women. Caused by genetic, hormonal and lifestyle factors, cellulite is an inflammation of the fatty tissue often accompanied by water retention and swelling. These changes affect skin texture and cause the loss of elasticity. 

                Active Ingredients

                Polyhydroxy Acids and Natural Jojoba spheres stimulate skin renewal.

                High concentrations of Caffeine and Microalgae stimulate the remodelling action and Organic Tamanu Oil fosters a firmer, younger body skin tone. 


                From a Peel Scrub and light-weight Oils to rich, creamy lotions, Body Strategist boasts an array of active formulas effectively targeting cellulite, water retention and the sense of heavy legs.  

                Experience the intensive action of our best-selling 
                Thermogenic Cream. Use Body Strategist’s Oil for skin tightening in specific areas.  

                D-Age Cream will complete the perfect body routine with the firming properties of Tamanu oil.  

                Free from silicones, animal derivatives, mineral oil, artificial colorants, SLS and SLES.  

                Suitable for vegans.  

                Clinically proven efficacy. Dermatologically tested.  

                Made in Italy with renewable resources. 

                Recyclable CO2 compensated packaging. 

                DEEP BODY RENEWAL

                A smoothing, nourishing treatment with Tamanu Oil restores tone and hydration.  

                Recommended for skin that needs moisture and elasticity 
                and to combat stretch marks.


                An intensive treatment with thermal waters from Tuscany, algae and essential oils. 

                Recommended for those looking to detox and redefine skin texture.

                3-IN-1 HOT COLD TREATMENT

                Combines thermogenic action and high concentrations of Caffeine with vigorous massage and toning.   

                Recommended in presence of cellulite. 

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