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Body Scrub & Exfoliators

Rediscover your best-looking skin with a natural body scrub or gentle exfoliator that works to slough away dull, dead skin.

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Natural Body Scrubs and Exfoliators

Scrubbing our bodies with a body scrub or exfoliator is often an overlooked part of a daily skincare routine. However, in addition to scrubbing away the layer of dead and dull skin, it also offers additional health benefits to achieving glowing skin.

Regularly using a natural body scrub of body exfoliator can actually help to boost circulation and smooth over those stubborn, dry patches of skin. While some body exfoliators and scrubs can be very harsh and almost painful to use, [ comfort zone ] body scrubs and body exfoliators are innovative, as they coddle skin yet get glowy results.

Work away dull, dead skin with the [ comfort zone ] natural body scrubs and exfoliators. Adding a body exfoliator into your skincare routine will uncover a youthful glow as you scrub away the layer of dirt and grime that cleansers can’t quite reach. When you apply a scrub of exfoliator a few times each week to rid of dead skin and help your new skin to regenerate, you’re left with soft, silky skin.

The Essential Scrub is a popular favorite among the [ comfort zone ] scrub and exfoliator products, as it is an exfoliant that removes impurities and refines the pores. After using the Essential Scrub, you’re left with reawakened skin, glowing with luminosity and very soft to the touch. This scrub is particularly great for those with more impure, oily, and resistant skin, though it provides satisfying results for all skin types.

Finish your cleansing shower routine with the Body Active Shower Scrub, which leverages natural exfoliating particles of Black Rice, Green Tea leaves, and Matcha tea, promoting an effective yet delicate cleansing for your skin. This shower scrub follows the application of our body washes and shower gels nicely, leaving your skin with a soft feel and a healthy glow.

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