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Body Oils

Indulge your skin with silkening body oils that promote a soft, supple feel and an even glow.

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Moisturizing Body Oils

Keeping your skin hydrated during cold winter months or in dry climates can be a tricky prospect. Skin care treatments for dry skin of the past tended to focus on thick, greasy creams - but these days there are more comfortable options available.

Body oils are the way forward, allowing you to drench yourself in rich, delightful fragrances that keep your skin fully hydrated and gleaming, without sticky residue or greasiness.

Moisturizing body oil gives your skin a healthy glow and a vibrant sheen, as well as locking in moisture to protect and nourish. [ comfort zone ] specializes in lightweight, beautiful body oils that protect and soothe your skin, in a range of gorgeous scents and fragrances.

[ comfort zone ]’s body oils are the perfect accompaniment to your regular beauty and skincare routine, and are a great way to pamper yourself as well.

Our Sacred Nature hydrating body oil uses an exclusive concentrate of organic oils to nourish and hydrate the skin, improving elasticity and locking in moisture. The Sacred Nature cleansing oil offers an alternative, using Butterfly Bush extract and organic distilled orange water to cleanse, tone and moisturize.

For dry skin emergencies, nothing beats the [ comfort zone ] Remedy Oil. Incredibly soothing and perfect for use on the face, this hydrating body oil is a blend of marula, almond, sesame and jojoba oil extracts.

Tranquility is one of [ comfort zone ]’s bestselling lines, and includes a number of wonderfully soothing and peaceful body oils to bring a sense of equilibrium and calm to your skincare routine.

Tranquility Blend is the signature fragrance of [ comfort zone ], a blend of cedarwood and sweet orange, and draws on the benefits of aromatherapy to bestow an immediate sensation of mental and physical wellbeing, helping to balance the frenzy of modern life. Tranquility Oil is a silky smooth body oil for use in the bath, creating the perfect pampering treatment and a true touch of luxury.

[ comfort zone ] also offers a Sun Soul Oil with SPF 6, a hydrating body oil with UV protection, keeping your skin safe from the sun while also promoting anti-aging and moisturization. The delightful fragrances of golden seaweed, sweet almond, peach and sunflower will help you drift off into intense relaxation, while UVA and UVB filters protect your skin from the sun.

Body oils are one of the most effective and enjoyable skin care treatments for dry or dehydrated skin, and [ comfort zone ]’s product line guarantees nourishment, moisture and a rich, silky glow with no sticky residue.

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