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Your anti-aging routine for skin visible eye and skin rejuvenation 

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                    THE JOY OF BEAUTY AT EVERY AGE

                    Signs of aging vary according to your age and your lifestyle.

                    Sublime Skin ensures you have solutions to combat them throughout different stages of your life.  

                    Natural-origin and high-tech ingredients plump and lift skin as the first wrinkles start to show, protect facial and eye skin from photo-aging, and corrects dark spots. Sublime Skin works to re-densify skin’s barrier as it grows thinner and more delicate after age 50+. 


                    The passing of time, exposure to the sun and daily unhealthy habits progressively affect our skin’s elasticity and plumpness, causing less defined face contours, sagging skin, wrinkles and dark spots.

                    When menopause happens, skin discomfort worsens and the skin barrier becomes thinner, drier and loses density. 

                    To ensure every woman can protect and express her beauty in every moment of her life, we have created anti-aging solutions from peels to firming, lifting and re-densifying formulas to ensure the perfect combination for each skin condition. 

                    active ingredients

                    With Archi-Lift and Cell-Support Technology™,
                    AHAs + Vitamin C, Peptides, and Tri-White Complex
                    Sublime Skin re-densifies and plumps the skin, ensuring a visible lifting, brightening effect.

                    CONSCIOUS SKIN SCIENCE

                    Silky Essence, Serums and Creams from lightweight to oil-based textures packed with natural-origin and high-tech ingredients plump and protect aging skin of the face and eyes. 

                    Try AHAs combined with Vitamin C in practical Peel Pads for intensive, monthly renewing care at home. 

                    A brightening Corrector and a creamy SPF effectively combat the presence of dark spots.

                    Free from silicones, animal derivatives, mineral oil, and artificial colorants.

                    Suitable for vegans.

                    Dermatologically tested. 

                    Clinically proven efficacy.

                    Made in Italy with renewable resources. 

                    Recyclable CO2 compensated packaging and certified FSC paper. 


                    An innovative double peel followed by a lifting, replenishing mask for immediate rejuvenation. The Active-Lift massage, inspired by Kobido techniques, softens wrinkles, tones and re-plumps skin.  

                    Recommended for mature skin with wrinkles and loss of tone and volume. 


                    Delicate and intensive professional peels with Glycolic,
                     Lactic, and Citric acids, plus 
                    Vitamin C for visible results with no down-time or risk of irritation. The resurfacing 
                    treatment stimulates renewal and illumination. 

                    Recommended for dyschromia, uneven and thickened mature or oily skin.

                    SUBLIME SKIN 50+ FACIAL

                    The ultimate treatment counter skin thinning, extreme dryness and loss of density due to menopause.  

                    Exclusive Cell-Support Technology™, innovative oil-based textures and two special massage techniques, Dermal Petrissage and Kobido, reactivate cellular communication, regenerate and re-densify the skin. 

                    Recommended for delicate and depleted skin after 50+.

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