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Natural Body Lotions

Take care of your entire body and enhance your natural beauty with nourishing and firming creamy lotions and remodeling formulas for cellulite.

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  • What is the difference between body cream and body lotion?

    Because body creams and lotions both help smooth and moisturize dry skin, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best choice for you. Lotions are lighter, with more water content and less oil. Creams are thicker formulas, with more oil. For dry skin, use a heavier cream. For normal, oily, or combination skin, opt for a lotion.
  • How should you apply body lotion?

    The best time to apply lotion is immediately after a shower when the skin is still damp. Hot water can dehydrate your skin, so applying lotion can help protect it. Begin by rubbing the lotion in small circular motions until you have covered your entire body. You will want to work from the neck down.
  • Is [ comfort zone ] body lotion chemical free?

    All of our body lotions and creams are free from synthetic fragrances, silicones, SLES, and SLS.
  • What toxic ingredients are contained in conventional body lotion?

    Before reaching for just any lotion, be sure to check for these common ingredients found in lotions: artificial fragrances, parabens, and BHAs. Fragrances, commonly composed of a toxic blend of chemicals, may be harmful to the organs. In addition, parabens can interfere with hormones and trigger skin sensitivities, while BHAs, which are used as food preservatives, have been identified as endocrine disruptors. Remember, the fewer ingredients in a product, the better.
  • What ingredients are contained in [ comfort zone ] body lotions and creams?

    When creating our products, we carefully select each high-quality ingredient to ensure safety and efficacy for the skin. All of our lotions are created with over 85% natural-origin ingredients and are free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicones, SLS, and SLES. Opt for a lotion infused with essential oils to alleviate stress and promote calmness, or select a toning lotion with antioxidant action and matcha tea extract. Rest assured that any [ comfort zone ] lotion you choose is natural, sustainable, and vegan-friendly, allowing you to make your choice with confidence.
  • Should you use body lotion right after a shower?

    While you can use a body lotion at any time of the day, it is ideal to use it immediately after a shower. Applying lotion to warm, moist skin locks in hydration, allowing it to stay smooth and soft for longer.
  • How often should you use body lotion?

    You can use body lotion as often as you would like; however, once a day should be sufficient. It is a common misconception that dry skin needs to be moisturized every few hours, but this is not the case. If you over-moisturize, it can disrupt the skin’s natural moisture barrier and cause it to become dependent on external sources of hydration, leading to decreased moisture production. Using lotion just once a day is all you need to reduce the chance of developing extreme oiliness or dryness.

While some people may view body lotion as an optional step in their skincare routine, it is actually an important part of maintaining healthy, radiant skin. Natural body lotions are designed to stop moisture from leaving the skin, and with daily use, they nourish and protect the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Locking in moisture, supporting the skin barrier, and helping the skin look younger are just some of the many benefits when using body lotion. All of our [ comfort zone ] body lotions and creams are packed with natural ingredients and made without harsh chemicals, parabens, or silicones. Use our firming body cream designed with elasticizing and nourishing action from tamanu oil and boswellic acid. Alleviate your stress with our aromatic lotion infused with calming essential oils. Apply our cryo gel on swollen legs for an immediate feeling of freshness and relief. Soothe and refresh the skin with the aloe gel moisturizer after a day of sun exposure to relieve redness and sunburn. For whatever your skin needs, [ comfort zone ] has you covered.

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