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Published: June 2, 2022

From wrinkles to sun spots, your skin changes as you age. While these changes are most noticeable on your face, they can occur anywhere on your skin, including your neck.

Sagging neck skin occurs as you age due to a combination of factors. Your skin naturally loses elasticity over time, making it less bouncy and plump. Additionally, damaging environmental factors, such as UV rays and pollutants, can wear on your skin over time, harming it.

"Two important things to remember: prevention and correction. Prevent signs of aging on the neck with daily sunscreen, applied everywhere, including the sides and back of the neck, especially if your hair is short or worn up. And correct those aging signs by treating your neck with the same products as you do for the face: firming ampoules, serum and cream." 

Elisabeth Nehme,Board Certified Esthetician and [ comfort zone ] Master Educator

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The skin on your neck is one of the first places that age-related changes appear. This area has some of the thinnest skin on your body, and it also has fewer oil glands than the skin on your face. As a result, this skin is more likely to lose elasticity and become dry and dehydrated.

Other factors, such as gravity and posture, can also impact the tightness of neck skin. In today’s digital era, constantly looking at phones or computers with a tilted head can cause neck skin to fold and sag prematurely. We all tend to suffer from tech-neck, causing skin in the Y-zone to fold and sag prematurely.

Unfortunately, even though this fragile skin area is extremely susceptible to age-related changes, most people don’t use skincare products on their neck. Anti-aging skincare routines should always include the neck to help keep this skin firm, healthy, and youthful.

"The Y-zone supporting muscles are less resistant to those of the face. Neck skin, thin and poor in collagen and elastin, is more exposed to premature aging and loss of tone." - Dr Bucci, Certified Dermatologist.

It’s never too late to start nourishing sensitive neck skin, but it’s more difficult to reduce the appearance of loose neck skin than to prevent it from occurring. Wherever you are in your skincare journey, introduce these intentional practices to minimize the appearance of sagging neck skin or prevent it altogether.

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From skincare products to lifestyle habits, there are many things you can do to naturally tighten saggy neck skin.

Neck Exercises

Have you ever thought about exercising your neck? Neck exercises can help prevent sagging neck skin by toning and firming the muscles under your skin. Since your muscles reside in a layer underneath your skin, neck exercises won’t actually change your skin, but it can improve circulation to your neck which makes it look tighter.


You exfoliate your face, so why not your neck? Regular exfoliation is great for the skin because it removes the buildup of dead skin and products that sneak into and clog pores.

Removing skin and product buildup makes it easier for skincare products to absorb into your skin. By exfoliating once or twice a week, you’ll help make the skincare products you apply to your neck every day more effective.

[ comfort zone ] glycolic mask provides an anti-aging effect through gentle exfoliation that promotes progressive skin renewal. Get smoother, more radiant skin with this gel-based formula that’s easy to apply and simple to remove.

Use Skincare Products Containing Retinoids

Retinol-based skincare products are the gold standard in terms of anti-aging effects, making them a great option for nourishing delicate neck skin. Retinoids work by stimulating collagen production, the protein responsible for keeping skin plump and full.

[ comfort zone]’ s natural retinol serum visibly renews skin and reduces wrinkles and sagging with natural-origin ingredients. It provides rapid results while being delicate enough to use on sensitive skin.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

When you gain weight, your skin stretches out to accommodate the extra mass. Even if you lose the weight later, your skin won’t exactly bounce back to its previous tightness.

Avoid this problem altogether by prioritizing a balanced diet and regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Besides keeping your neck skin taut, you’ll feel energized, you’ll look great, and you’ll keep your cholesterol and blood pressure low!

Keep Neck Skin Moisturized

One reason skin gets saggy and loses elasticity is because it’s dehydrated. When your skin isn’t adequately nourished, your cells become slack and wrinkly. The older you get, the harder it becomes to lock in moisture, so upping your moisturization routine as you age may be necessary.

/sublime skin/ intensive serum is a plumping serum which you can add into your daily skincare routine to counter the effects of aging and reduce the appearance of sagging skin on your face and neck. Pair it with a hyaluronic acid face cream for long-lasting nourishment that plumps, smoothes and brightens.

Try a Neck Mask

A neck mask is like a face mask, but for your neck area. Neck masks are a great way to boost hydration to these fragile skin cells. [comfort zone’s] firming mask is a rinse-off mask designed for mature skin. It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid to instantly smooth and brighten loose skin.

Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Even if you’re not out in the sun, it’s extremely important to protect your skin with SPF every day. The importance of sunscreen is huge—sunscreen prevents you from developing skin cancer and from common signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging, and a loss of elasticity. Adding this simple step to your skincare routine can help prevent UV damage to your neck skin, which will help support tight, healthy skin in this area.


The best way to prevent sagging neck skin is to treat this area with anti-aging skincare products from a young age, just like you would your face. Starting a practice of regular cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing will help keep your neck skin tight and contoured throughout your lifetime.

When applying skincare products to the neck area, make sure to rub products on in an upward motion to avoid pulling down on skin and increasing skin looseness. Since this skin is so thin and delicate, constant pulling can easily contribute to sagging.

Maintaining a healthy weight is also crucial to avoid developing excess skin in this area. Additionally, sunscreen should be used regularly to prevent skin damage from UV rays.


Your skin changes as you age, and your skincare routine should too. After all, the best skincare routine over 40 isn’t going to be the same as an over 60 skincare routine. [comfort zone] products are designed to highlight beauty at every age and for every gender.

If you’re struggling with sagging neck skin or just hoping to prevent it, try [comfort zone] products for sustainable skincare that’s research-backed and formulated from clean ingredients. We hope to help you feel comfortable in your skin with clean, vegan-friendly skincare products.

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