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Your Guide to Skin Brightening and Lightening

We all face challenges in skincare. Do you know the best products for skin lightening and skin brightening? Here’s your guide for how to brighten skin.


Skin can be a mystery, which means knowing the proper skincare routine can be a mystery too. Everyone’s skin is unique, so everyone’s skin acts and reacts differently to various ingredients and environmental factors. Your favorite face wash or your daily habits could be sabotaging you from achieving your best quality of skin.

Countless women, regardless of age or race, experience undesirable skin concerns like oily skin, dry skin, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne and a myriad of other troubling conditions.

Everything, including your diet, physical activity, skincare routine, sun exposure, age, genetics, and hormones, affects the condition of your skin.

So, how can you please your skin to mitigate undesirable conditions and encourage your brightest skin to emerge? What does it mean to lighten your skin, and how is that different from brightening your skin?

We’re all on the hunt for happier, healthier skin, so we did the intensive work for you.

Here’s your all-inclusive guide to the world of skin brightening for the glowing skin you’re seeking.


What's skin brightening?

Skin brightening sounds like a simple enough concept.  Bright skin is radiant, vibrant, and luminous. Knowing how to brighten skin is essentially knowing how to bring your skin back to its most brilliant state.

So what exactly does it mean to brighten your skin?

Skin is bright when it’s smooth in texture, full and tight in composition, rich and even in color. When skin is discolored, rough to the touch, loose, unevenly textured and unevenly pigmented, it creates the appearance of unhealthy, dull skin.

Our body has natural biological processes in place, like cellular turnover, to reduce the appearance of dull skin and promote the production of rejuvenated, illuminant, bright skin cells.

Though everyone’s skin is unique, and different people may require different skin-brightening techniques, what people do have in common is the yearn for brighter skin, and the skin conditions that block us from our brightest skin.



Common skin issues holding us back from our brightest skin:


Hyperpigmentation is simply an excess of pigmentation in the skin. This happens when there’s an overproduction of melanin, or natural pigment, in the skin. Hyperpigmentation manifests as darker, uneven spots or patches of color on different areas of the skin.

This undesirable condition is often caused by sun exposure and sun damage, injuries, acne, hormonal imbalances and skin inflammation.


Dark spots

Dark spots are similar to hyperpigmentation, appearing as spots darker in color than surrounding skin. These spots are referred to as liver spots, age spots or freckles, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Similar to hyperpigmentation, dark spots are caused by sun damage and sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations, skin inflammation, healing wounds and various medical conditions.


Acne scars

Acne scars are essentially left-over acne blemishes that penetrate the skin tissue. These scars, often appearing as concave craters, can be hyperpigmented or evenly pigmented and less noticeable.

Acne scars can be caused by untreated acne, damage to the skin tissue by scratching or popping pimples, and excessive oil production.


Loose/sagging skin

Many people experience loose, dull skin around the face and neck area, but loose skin can appear anywhere on the body.

Skin can start to sag or loosen from natural causes, like pregnancy, weight loss, sun damage and aging.

The list of conditions that hinder skin brightness goes on and on. So what can you do to reverse these conditions and realize your brightest quality of skin?



Skin Brightening Products

One of the main reasons skin appears dull is a lack of hydration. Skincare products that target dehydration and promote moisture retention in the skin help to revive the skin and elevate its brightness.

/skin regimen/ 1.85 HA BOOSTER

A hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid, excellent for brightening the skin and diminishing dullness. HA combined with the hydrating properties of the serum promotes water and moisture retention for optimal hydration. 

This hydrating formula is crafted with a concentrate of three forms of hyaluronic acid: Micro, Macro and Cross-linked. These variants infuse the skin and lock in the necessary moisture that brightens and replumps the skin.

  • Macro hyaluronic acid is responsible for locking in water and plumping the skin to create a healthy, full appearance.
  • Micro hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin tissue to promote water retention and lasting hydration.
  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and protects water absorbed by the skin for durable hydration.

Hyaluronic acid doesn’t clog the pores, which makes it optimal even for acne-prone users. As skin often appears dull from a lack of hydration, clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, this hydrating serum combats these concerns to reverse the signs of dehydration, stress, and aging.

Free from silicones and synthetic fragrances, the 1.85 HA booster is comprised of 99.2% natural-origin ingredients to create a sustainable, vigorous brightening treatment.



What is skin lightening?

Although lightening the skin plays a part in brighteningthe skin, skin lightening differs from brightening as it encompasses fewer, more targeted skin concerns than skin brightening. Skin lightening speaks specifically to the balance or evenness of pigmentation in the skin (not the actual color of the skin).

Uneven pigments and hyperpigmentation are practically harmless, but many people associate these pigmentation concerns with unhealthy, worn skin.

Hyperpigmentation is the skin’s natural defense mechanism against sun exposure. Skin produces these dark spots, patches or freckles in response to overexposure of UV rays and an excess of melanin.

Skin lightening is the process that heals these pigmentation variances by balancing melanin and enriching the appearance to a light, harmonious condition.


Is skin lightening safe?

To counter hyperpigmentation, toners are often used, which can be considerably dehydrating if they’re not paired with the right skin care combination. Skin is gentle, so it requires gentle treatments.

Lightening the overall skin color is not the purpose of the skin-lightening process. Lightening the skin is intended to embrace and empower a person’s natural skin color. Pigmentation blemishes, like liver spots, acne scars and age spots, can ebb the natural skin tone, making it appear dull and drab.

Products that use bleach or hydroquinone should be avoided completely. Once thought to be a safe and effective skin-lightening agent, hydroquinone is determined to be a dangerous and potentially deadly ingredient by the Local Government Associations.

Hydroquinone is proven to include deadly levels of mercury that can strip the top layers of the skin, leading to skin cancer and other serious complications.

It’s important that you choose safe products with natural, gentle ingredients to effectively lighten the skin, without risk of serious damage.

Skin Lightening Products

Treatments or products that lighten the skin work to lessen the effects of hyperpigmentation, including dark spots or dark patches, age spots, liver spots, freckles, dark under-eye circles, and acne scars. These manifestations of hyperpigmentation are common signs of natural aging and years of sun exposure.

/skin regimen/ 15.0 VIT C BOOSTER


/ skin regimen / Vitamin C Booster improves the appearance of dark spots,  uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, and wrinkles.

Irregular melanin production is the source of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, liver spots, pigmented acne scars and overall, uneven colors in the skin. Vitamin C proves as an effective and safe ingredient for preventing this irregular pigmentation from UV rays.

Vitamin C has a natural ability to inhibit the tyrosinaseenzyme that prompts melanin production. Suppressing the melanin production that causes hyperpigmentation, vitamin C is a natural ingredient that evens the skin tone and reduces uneven coloration, to lighten the skin.

Preventing and correcting the effects of photoaging, the vitamin C inclusions in this treatment stimulate collagen production and protect the skin from oxidative damage, helping the skin to achieve an even pigment and a brilliant glow. 

The 15.0 vit C booster is silicone-free, synthetic fragrance-free, and is composed of 98.2% natural-origin ingredients. It’s recommended to heal dull, city-gray complexions that lack firmness and glow.



 /skin regimen/ 1.5 RETINOL BOOSTER


/ skin regimen /Natural Retinol Serum is a 100% natural treatment, including intense yet gentle ingredients that diminish the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections to improve skin firmness and even skin complexion.

Known as one of the most effective ingredients for reducing uneven pigments in the skin, retinol improves skin cell turnover. Cell turnover is the production of new, undamaged skin cells, and the shedding of old, damaged skin cells. As fresh, new skin cells generate, old skin cells that were previously damaged by the sun start to shed, along with the hyperpigmentation effect caused by UV ray exposure.

During an efficacy test, 90% of women who used the 1.5 retinol booster in the evening reported a noticeable improvement in skin complexion and skin grain.

This treatment, free of silicone and synthetic fragrances, uses 96.4% natural-origin ingredients to yield an evenly-pigmented, refreshed and revitalized appearance.


Lifestyle Factors & Habits Affecting Your Skin

Understanding how to brighten skin and lighten the skin begins with your lifestyle and daily habits. Adopt healthy habits that promote optimal cell turnover and collagen production to achieve or maintain your skin’s natural radiance.

  • Smoking. Tobacco smoke blocks oxygen from reaching the skin and reduces your natural levels of vitamin C. Oxygen and vitamin C are vital for firm, tight, evenly-colored skin. Smoking cigarettes ages your skin rapidly, leading to unnecessary, irreparable damage.
  • Excessive sun exposure.The sun’s UV rays play a major part in developing unhealthy skin conditions; an estimated 90% of skin aging is attributed to the sun. Protecting your skin with sunscreen and limiting your exposure to UV rays is critical for preserving your skin’s natural youthfulness.
  • Popping and scratching pimples.When a pimple erupts on your skin, it’s tempting to pop or scratch it. Handling your pimples this way can actually prolong or amplify their presence and lead to skin damage in the form of acne scars and dark spots. Don’t use force on your blemishes if you want them to disappear without leaving a trace.
  • Going to sleep without washing your face.Throughout the day, our skin faces a combination of harmful factors. City pollutants, dirt, and dust wedge their way into our pores, leaving them clogged and blocked. It’s important to wash the daily grime from your face to keep your complexion clear and unblemished.

Reducing or completely eradicating the poor habits that contribute to prematurely aged and discolored skin is the first step in discerning how to brighten skin. Skin brightening and skin lightening are made easier with potent, pure products that work in accordance with your skin’s natural biological processes.

Everyone runs into skin concerns that hold us back from realizing our brightest and lightest skin. Uncontrollable factors, like city pollutants, hormone fluctuations, natural aging, and sun exposure will inevitably challenge our skin’s quality. We can’t fight the presence of these factors, but we can fight the effects of these factors.

Integrating the right ingredients in your skincare routines, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and retinol, will help to boost collagen production and increase cell turnover, leading to a sustainably youthful appearance.

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