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Published: November 24, 2021


For the past handful of years, celebs and skincare gurus alike have long touted the dewy skin look as the pinnacle of skin care achievements. It’s universally flattering and requires minimal input to achieve once skin health is established. Dewy skin looks moist, supple, and glowing no matter the environment you’re in.

Many deem this a beauty ‘trend’ because heavy make-up styles like airbrushing and contouring have taken center stage for the past decade and dewy skin has just started to reemerge as one of the most desirable looks. However, we think this nature-focused appearance is here to stay because it communicates the health and wellness of the wearer, and nothing looks better than that.

"Dewy, glowing skin is achieved in 3 easy steps: exfoliate, boost, and moisturize! If your skin is sensitive, try Essential Peeling for gentle renewal and smoothing, Remedy Serum alleviates redness while calming the skin, and Remedy Cream for protective moisture. All skin types or conditions will glow with daily use of Skin Regimen Recharging Mist. Finally, don’t forget to hydrate internally as well – as colder weather approaches, we often don’t drink as often as we do in the warmer seasons, so be sure to keep that water bottle nearby" - Elizabeth Nehme, 

Board Certified Esthetician and [ comfort zone ] Master Educator

woman washing her face with a white towel to achieve dewy skin


Contrary to popular belief, soft, dewy skin is tricky to achieve with makeup or skincare products alone. Your internal health plays a huge part in helping you have a glowing, dewy complexion. Here are just a few key ways in which you may consider nurturing your body to foster dewy skin.


The skin cells that create our body’s largest organ rely heavily on water. Drinking water throughout the day helps us stay hydrated, fostering elastic, plump, and flexible skin cells. Compare a grape to a raisin. A grape is plump, dewy, and radiant. It’s drier counterpart, the raisin, is darker, shriveled, and dull.

Eat a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants

Our skin, especially the skin on our faces, is bombarded with free radicals, pollutants, and harsh weather conditions day in and day out. In order to remain strong and intact, it needs vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that contribute to overall cell health. 

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

When we slumber, our entire system resets and gets to rest. This includes our skin. Skimping on an adequate amount of sleep quickly shows underneath our eyes. Your body’s systems can start going haywire, signaling you to eat more sugar or drink unhealthy things like excess caffeine, sodas, or energy drinks that dehydrate. 

Wear sunscreen

Sun damage can zap skin of its nutrients, leaving it dehydrated and devoid of any glow appearance. It totally steals the skin’s moisture and sends us backwards in the quest for healthy skin. 

woman applying face cream to achieve smooth, glowing dewy skin
woman applying a face mask in front of the mirror for dewy, glowing skin


Our skin is a water barrier, keeping moisture sealed inside. Throughout the day, our bodies lose a lot of water through exhalation and sweat, which can quickly lead to dehydration. Ethically crafted skin care products, like moisturizers and face masks, are designed to seal in moisture and keep skin hydrated all day long.

Don’t just relegate hydrating products to the last step of your skin care routine. Use a moisturizing cleanser, toner, and face lotion each morning to walk out the door with a dewy look and glowing skin.


Some face washes strip the surface of the skin of all its natural oils and lubricants. Opt for natural cleansers that are gentle and soothing. These can effectively remove dirt and grime without stealing what our skin needs to look radiant and moist.

Essential Micellar Water. Cleanses skin while removing makeup without using harsh alcohols. Our Essential Micellar Water is a mild cleanser that uses surfactants to remove oil. Pair this with another wash or exfoliant for the ultimate double-cleansing routine. 

Remedy Cream To Oil. For sensitive skin that needs additional hydration to stay dewy and moist, try our Remedy Cream To Oil cleanser. Nourishing Marula oil soothes redness and promotes a glowing, youthful appearance. 

/skin regimen/ Cleansing Cream.This all-in-one cleanser removes SPF, make-up, and dirt from a hard day’s work by using delicate surfactants instead of harsh chemicals, like its conventional counterparts. Our expertly-designed Longevity Complex formula fights premature aging by delivering hydration to thirsty, tired skin while battling breakouts. 


As dead skin cells build up on our face, our appearance easily looks tired, dull, and lifeless. No matter your skin type, exfoliation is key to sloughing off dead cells. Depending on your skin type, you may need more frequent or less frequent exfoliation. Check with your dermatologist or find an experienced esthetician using our spa locator who can advise you on how much you should be exfoliating.

Essential Scrub. Silica particles and jojoba spheres remove impurities and awaken skin. Jojoba is most similar to our own natural lubricants, making this an excellent scrub for many skin types. Silica particles easily rub away excess build up, leaving a luminous appearance.

Sublime Skin Peel Pads. Vitamin C and poly-hydroxy acids combine forces to wipe away dead skin cells, leaving you with a smoother, radiant complexion. 

Sacred Nature Exfoliating Mask. Banish dull skin for good with this organic peel mask. Using 9% Gluconolactate, this Sacred Nature Exfoliating Mask restores vitality and reinvigorates the cells on the surface of the skin.


Toners often get a bad rap in the skin care world for drying out skin, leaving it fragile and vulnerable. However, the right toner won’t actually strip skin of all its natural lubricant. Instead, it will gently remove impurities while replenishing whatever moisture it removes.

Remedy Toner. Aptly named because it’s one of the best toning remedies for dry, lifeless skin, the Remedy Toner delivers prebiotic to nutrient-starved skin, allowing it to regenerate itself back to a healthy state. 


Using separate moisturizers that are day and night specific allows your skin to remain hydrated at all times. A lightweight, morning face lotion protects and nourishes your skin, no matter what the day brings. After a soothing nighttime cleansing regimen, a supple, nutrient-dense face moisturizer or night cream promotes restoration.

Hydramemory Cream. Macro hyaluronic acid and fair trade moringa oil blend in this ultra-supple face cream. It protects the skin barrier while reducing the risk of premature aging. 

Remedy Defense Cream. Perfect for sensitive skin, this defense cream is a must-have for those living in harsh climates. Marula oil soothes irritated skin, catering to a holistic, healthy look and feel. 

woman applying face mask for dewy skin
woman applying skin serum on her face


Choose products that incorporate the following ingredients to achieve a dewy complexion: 

Vitamin C

As a natural brightening agent, vitamin C helps remove the appearance of dark patches and age spots. It also acts as a vital nutrient for our skin’s health.  

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a wonder ingredient in the skin care world in that it can hold many times its weight in water. When added to moisturizers, these particles draw in moisture from the environment and your products, delivering it to thirsty skin. 


This ingredient promotes the production of collagen - a key natural ingredient in the anti-aging game. Retinol also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, allowing your skin to appear more youthful and radiant. 


Since a dewy appearance relies on skin health, peptides are ultra important. Peptides are amino acids easily absorbed by and consumed by the skin. Essential, they act as a good diet for our skin cells allowing them to function as nature intended. 


The hardest things are usually the things most worth doing. It takes concerted efforts to achieve skin health and well-being. Beauty begins within and is supported by high-quality external practices, like using skin care products that are free from synthetic, harmful ingredients. 

[ comfort zone ] prioritizes the health and wellbeing of the people and planet we serve. Our products implement high-quality, nature-based ingredients and our company practices reinvest in the protection and preservation of the earth. Make a choice that is good for you and good for this spinning ball we all call home. 

water drops imitating dewy, hydrated skin


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