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[ comfort zone ] E-Gift Card

E-Gift Card Terms & Conditions



 1. Purchasing 

  • [ comfort zone ] E-Gift Card can only be purchased on the website. The E- Gift Card will be sent to the customer via e-mail with all the information needed to use it correctly. 
  • The E-Gift Card is only valid in the US, and can only be used on
  • The E-Gift Card cannot be used to buy another E-Gift Card.
  • [ comfort zone ] E-Gift Card can only be used to make purchases on E-Gift Cards will not be accepted at [ comfort zone ] spas.
  • The E-Gift Card has no expiration date and can be sent to anyone. Please provide recipient’s e-mail address when placing an order for your digital gift card.
  • You may check the balance of your E-Gift Card in the confirmation e-mail, through Apple Wallet or by contacting Customer Service Team. 


 2. Payment Terms

  • The customer can make payment using the [ comfort zone ] E-Gift Card. For each purchase order the customer can use several E-Gift Cards at the same time, for a total maximum amount of $999.99 (nine hundred and ninety nine/99).    
  • If the amount of your E-Gift Card is not enough to complete the entire transaction amount, you will be prompted to use another payment method such as Credit Card, Apple Pay, Paypal or Afterpay, except for cash on delivery. 
  • The E-Gift Card amount cannot be adjusted after the purchase.
  • You may spend the amount of your E-Gift Card for several different purchases in multiple transactions. The amount not spent will remain available on the E-Gift Card. 


 3. Canceling and Refund Policy

  • The E-Gift Card cannot be converted into cash. 
  • All products purchased can be returned as per regular return policy. For any return inquiries, please refer to FAQ: Orders & Return Policy and contact our Customer Care Team at
  • If the product purchased was paid for only using the E-Gift Card, the order amount will be provided via store credit and can be used on only. 
  • If your order was paid for partially by the E-Gift Card and partially by another payment method, the amount covered by the E-Gift Card will be provided via store credit and the remaining amount will be refunded to the payment method used at the time of order.

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