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Published: August 26, 2021


When on the quest for an aromatic oasis, you’ll need to start off with a deep clean. If spring cleaning passed you by, fear not, there are some simple hacks you can do to target pungent places around the home. You don’t want to just mask the odor but instead, uproot it where you can to eliminate lingering smells.

Start with these quick tricks for an instant scent boost:

  • Wash rugs, blankets, towels, cushion covers, and any other fabrics that tend to hold onto odors.
  • Open the windows to let stale air out and fresh air in.
  • Pull furniture away from the walls and wipe down the baseboards, which are often responsible for holding on to food and drink spills that get missed during a routine clean up.
  • Remove the garbage and recycling from each room and clean each trash can with a white vinegar spritz. This eliminates bad smells often wafting from these common sources.

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After a brief run through, target specific rooms that are usually the lead perpetrator in scent offenses. Deodorizing the kitchen is key to a fragrant smelling home. Many bad odors come from food smells and your culinary headquarters is home to them all. Tackle these pain points in the kitchen to deodorize this room. 

  • Empty and clean the recycling bin. Create your own cleaning product for rubbish bins by adding water, lemon oil, and vinegar to a spray bottle. Keep this near the bins and give them a spritz every few days. 
  • Run a cleaner through the garbage disposal to dissolve any remaining food waste that could be stinking up the house. 
  • Empty the cabinets, discard expired food, and wipe them down with a natural, vinegar-based cleaner.
  • Perform the same thorough clean on the refrigerator.

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Once you’ve solved the stinky problem, it’s time to bring in the freshening fragrances. There are numerous ways to introduce fragrant aromas to your home in a natural, light way that won’t lend to olfactory overload. However you introduce a new fragrance into your sacred space, it’s likely that you’ll need to refresh it periodically. Here are some short-term solutions to inviting fresh scents in: 

Add essential oil to your air filter.

Add essential oil to your air filter. A few drops of essential oil on your air filter allows the naturally-derived formula to waft through air ducts into each room of your home, infusing a gentle scent throughout the home. 

Use a lightly-scented essential oil spray.

Chemical sprays can bog down the air and provide an overwhelming funk. TRANQUILLITY Blend room spray is a light-weight mist that infuses the air with notes of cedarwood and orange. Before guests arrive or for a quick mood boost, spray this blend onto throw pillows, curtains, and furniture to diffuse freshness throughout the home. 

Spray a room mist throughout the home.

Our /skin regimen/ Room Spray lightly dusts the air with Juniper, Copahu, Rosewood and Cedarwood essential oils for a rebalancing, reinvigorating effect.

Light a candle.

A sweetly-scented candle made with natural ingredients is an instant room refresher. The TRANQUILLITY Candle uses notes of rose, vanilla, and cedarwood to create a warm, inviting space without releasing toxic, phony scents into the air, like so many other scented candles tend to do. Before company arrives or to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom, light this candle to gently release a floral fragrance throughout the space. 

Simmer potpourri on the stove.

Gone are the days of dusty potpourri sitting in bowls atop the commode. Instead, create your own natural stovetop potpourri out of citrus peels, cinnamon sticks, dried flowers, and essential oils. After deep cleaning the kitchen, simmer a pot of DIY potpourri on the stovetop. This acts as an instant room diffuser, releasing nature-made perfume into the air. 

Don’t over scent with heavy, fake smells.

Many tips for making your house smell good involve stashing dryer sheets between folded clothes, hanging air fresheners (like car air fresheners) in closets, or spraying Febreze on fabrics. However, these introduce toxic freshening agents to the air we breathe. Taking away nauseating scents is half the battle in making your home smell good. Not replacing them with synthetic, overwhelming fragrance is the other. Don’t just buy any scented candle, reed diffuser, or sprays. So many are compiled with fake ingredients that introduce headache inducing smells back to your home, making it a place of toxicity and not the calming oasis you set out to create. 

Decorate with eucalyptus leaves.

These half-dollar size leaves make for great shower decor and can be added to any flower arrangement. They soak up stinky scents and look beautiful when dried, meaning you won’t have to replace them frequently and your house will smell good in the process. 

DIY drawer fresheners.

Fill a coffee filter with baking soda, coffee beans, and essential oils, like peppermint or vanilla extract, then place in your clothing drawers. In humid climates, this helps keep clothes dry and fresh.


When attempting to make your home smell good, less really is more. Your space doesn’t need to radiate freshly-baked cookies or lavender fields everyday. Instead, remove the musty, mildewy, and rotten smells first, then slowly introduce light, gentle scents in subtle ways.

Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it. This ensures that your home remains odor-free and allows the natural scent products to shine through, daily. Keep the windows open as much as possible for a fresh, invigorating atmosphere. Use sustainable household products when cleaning any surface of your home.


When deodorizing your home, make sure to use earth-safe products that won’t harm the planet or the people exposed to them. The same goes for adding scents back to your nest. Essential-oil based room sprays and candles safely introduce Mother Nature’s greatest hits, like lavender, orange blossom, and rose. By opting for natural products, your home can smell like the great outdoors and not some chemical factory.

[ comfort zone ]’s products are never tested on animals nor do we use harmful ingredients. We want your home to be a sacred shelter for your family. That’s why we create candles, room mists, and essential-oil based products that are good for people, good for the planet, and good for animals. After all, a healthy, clean, non-toxic home is typically a good smelling one.

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