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Benefits of Dry Brushing the Skin

Published: December 23, 2021


You may have recently heard the term dry brushing thrown around in beauty and skincare circles as the ultimate treatment for glowing skin and cellulite reduction. But is it really all it’s hyped up to be? Let’s get the facts straight first.

Dry brushing is a common skincare practice that has been utilized for centuries by societies around the globe, including the Japanese, Greek, and in Ayurvedic medicine practices. Dry brushing is aptly named as such because it uses a dry brush to gentle exfoliate the entire body. To dry brush, you use a medium bristled brush that is free from oil or soap and wipe it across the surface of the skin in lateral or circular motions.

There are a variety of iterations when it comes to dry brushing and each person should take into consideration their own skin type and preferences. It is gaining popularity across wellness circles because of its touted mental and physical health benefits. Let’s get into this practice and see if it’s worth the hype.

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Without a doubt, dry brushing the skin has certain evidenced benefits and others that are colloquial in nature. We’ll present both here. 


There are two ways to exfoliate the skin on the body and face - chemical and mechanical. Dry brushing falls into the mechanical category, as would a loofah or body scrub that uses rice, silica, or beads. Since dry brushing involves utilizing the bristles of a brush to slough off dead skin and doesn’t implement any formulation or product, it is considered a mechanical exfoliation practice. For some with extremely dry skin or sensitive skin, they opt to add a few drops of oil

Lymphatic stimulation

The lymphatic system throughout the body extracts and processes toxins as well as regulates many normal functions. People often partake in lymphatic massage as a way to release trapped toxins, stimulate blood flow, and foster energy. Some claim that dry brushing can stimulate the lymphatic system because it pushes on various places in the body where lymphs reside. 

Cleans pores

Both dry body brushing and dry face brushing can cleanse pores from blockage, blackheads, and trapped sebum. You’ll use different brushes for each, being careful to select a soft, sensitive brush for the face. Pores often appear larger and open when they contain trapped dirt. Dry brushing can release this grime from the pores, stimulate blood flow, and make them appear smaller in size.

May reduce cellulite

While this claim is anecdotal, there is a chance that dry body brushing can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is formed from the fibrous bands that connect skin to muscle and the fat cells that live between. By stimulating blood flow through dry brushing, veins plump up and can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Softens skin

We all love the feeling of soft skin. Since dry brushing is a form of exfoliation, you can rest assured that the skin all over your body will reap the benefits of losing its tough outer layer.

Mentally relieves stress

This is an act of self care. You’re paying attention to your whole body and taking care of it through this ritual. It can promote more love and self-compassion while relieving stress through the meditative practice of gently sweeping a brush over your body. 

Energy boost

Some claim to have an energetic boost post dry brushing. This may be due in part to the stimulation of blood flow and release of the lymphatic system. While the process isn’t painful, it is definitely stimulating to the senses, especially if paired with a peppermint, tea tree, or citrus essential oil. 

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How you choose to dry brush both your face and body depends on your skin type and your skincare routine. Since it involves no liquids, lotions, or soaps, you can dry brush any time of the day. Some do it before they shower or first thing when they wake up. It’s up to you but consider the following: 

Start slow

This helps gauge how your skin reacts. Especially important for those with sensitive skin, start by dry brushing once a week, then follow it with a warm shower and plenty of moisturizing lotion. If you like the feel and look of your skin and it’s reacting positively, you can slowly increase the time or frequency of your dry brushing sessions.  

Don’t over-do it

Your skin is sensitive in nature and reacts to external stimulation. Light to medium pressure is all you need to reap the benefits of dry brushing. You don’t want to hurt the skin by pressing too hard or dry brushing for long periods of time over the same area. At its core, dry brushing is a gentle beauty and wellness practice.

Schedule a dry brushing at a spa first

Before taking on the practice yourself, consider scheduling a dry brushing session at a spa. Use our spa locator to find an experienced esthetician near you who can introduce you to this practice in a safe environment. Ask them for tips and tricks while paying attention to how they dry brush. 


Either during or after your dry brushing practice, apply nutrient-dense, antioxidant rich products to boost the efficacy. You’ll want to use non comedogenic products that keep pores clear and free of chemicals


Made with caffeine and pink pepper extract, thisinvigorating serum targets tough cellulite patches to aid the body in a smooth, sleek appearance. 75% of panelists saw a decrease in the appearance of adipose tissue, which is responsible for the dimpling and bulging of cellulite. Use after dry brushing and cleansing.


The rich, silky texture of this contour cream makes skin feel soft and supple post bath. Apply to the skin and watch as loose, fleshy areas firm and tone up. Free from silicones and synthetic fragrances, this cream is also nourishing and hydrating for the skin.


Loaded with our antioxidant blend, shea butter, and buriti oil, this body butter delivers a heavy dose of moisture to thirty skin. Use this organic cream for visible elasticity and supple skin texture. 


No matter what trending beauty treatments you try, choosing high quality products will never go out of style. Opting for natural, organic, and chemical-free personal care products is essential to creating a healthy, glowing complexion. [ comfort zone ] products utilize only high quality ingredients, are sourced sustainably, and are never tested on animals. Partner with us for youthful, vibrant skin and a sustainable planet. 

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