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Dark Circles & Eye Bags

Use a dark circle eye cream gel or our brightening to look rested and refreshed. Firm and protect the eye contour and the upper eye lid with our lifting and replumping formulas

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Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags Creams

Our eyes, and the delicate skin surrounding them, put in work from sunup to sundown. They squint to shield us from bright light. They crinkle when we smile, laugh, frown, or worry. They widen in disbelief, shock, and awe.

Continuous movement can expedite the aging process around the eyes and the development of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration is more likely to occur here before anywhere else.

Some choose to forgo the use of a dark circle eye cream, believing that it’s just facial moisturizer in a smaller, prettier package. However, this is not the case. [ comfort zone ] under eye bags cream is formulated with the sensitive, thin skin around the eyes in mind. Thicker creams, nourishing antioxidants, and key ingredients combat certain issues that the eyes are likely to experience.

Discoloration, bags, puffiness, and fine lines may increase as we age, requiring that we give the eyes extra special care and attention. Sun damage, free radicals, stress, and pollutants can hasten the signs of aging. A supple eye cream works to reverse this damage by bathing the skin in peptides, retinol, vitamins, and antioxidants. By utilizing an eye product each night, you may be able to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and winkles.

Exposure to excess blue light from technology, overexertion of the eyes, or a lack of sleep can cause fluid and blood to build up behind the eyes. This often leads to a puffy, swollen look each morning. To fight off those pesky under eye bags, a cream containing caffeine may help reduce swelling. Caffeine stimulates circulation and can get the blood moving through the affected area. Chilling eye cream before application may also increase its effectiveness in reducing the dark, puffy eyes.

Because the skin around the eyes is so thin, it tends to lose moisture more quickly than the rest of the face. Staying hydrated inside can help reduce risk of dehydrating the eye area. However, it’s crucial to combat moisture loss from the outside as well by bathing the skin surrounding the eyes in a scientifically-formulated cream that is gentle enough to be used so close to a sensitive area but strong enough to be effective.

If it’s true that the eyes are windows into the soul, then it’s crucial to nurture yours. For beautiful eyes that engage, attract, and glow, add a dark circle eye cream to your beauty regimen. Skipping this crucial step could add as much as 20 years to your face, but slathering on a supple, hydrating under eye bags cream could shave off just as many!

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