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Serums & Boosters

Enhance your skin care routine with silky serums and concentrated boosters that correct and improve the look and feel of dry, dull, sensitive or aging skin.

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Hydrating Serums & Boosters

Our sensitive facial skin requires meticulous care to keep it hydrated, youthful, and radiant. Instead of opting for a typical three-step skin care routine, boost your game by incorporating a hydrating serum or skin booster to your morning or evening routine.

A skin serum is a lightweight penetrative formula specifically designed to target thirsty cells. These gel-based or liquid skin boosters are more adept at bypassing the skin’s barrier than heavy face creams or moisturizers. They don’t just sit on top, locking moisture in by creating a barrier but instead, go deep within to deliver a dose of hydration.

Facial serum comes in all forms and functions from moisturizing, rich gels to silky, smooth brighteners - each serves its purpose depending on what your skin is undergoing. Essential ingredients including vitamins and enzymes work to even out skin tone without weighing you down. A truly exceptional skin booster of facial serum can be applied in the morning and worn under make up without causing an oily sheen.

While serums target specific issues, like fine lines, irritated flakes, and dull patches, a skin booster works to promote the overall health of the skin. Similar to the positive bacteria living inside of our bodies, our largest organ - the skin - also requires healthy bacteria to thrive.

Instead of penetrating deep to relieve dryness like a hydrating serum, a skin booster activates, nourishes, or replenishes the natural bacteria on our skin that act as our first line of defense against mother nature’s elements. To target specific issues, serums will feature a certain key ingredient with higher concentrations. It’s important to select one that focuses on your skin care needs.

By bolstering the skin’s natural abilities, skin boosters increase the likelihood that your skin will respond to beneficial treatments like detoxifying face masks, clarifying scrubs, or brightening serums. Boosters can be applied once daily or as needed. [ comfort zone ] created light weight formulas that go on evenly and can be used at any point during a skin care routine. Our scientifically designed skin boosters feature natural ingredients, light fragrances, and a silky feel.

Skin serums and boosters can be used together to complement any [ comfort zone ] skin care product line up. Regardless of your skin care goals, each item proves beneficial in reducing the appearance of fine lines, evening out skin tone, and fighting breakouts. Apply in the morning before work or slather on post exfoliating scrub. No matter where you incorporate a skin booster of hydrating serum - your skin will surely thank you!

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