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50+ Skin

Aging and the drop in hormones caused by menopause triggers a sort of “anarchy” in the skin.  As a result, collagen production drops and the skin barrier is weakened. Our specific oil-based formulas rich in natural-origin ingredients redensify and restore optimal skin comfort. 

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Mature Skin Care

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, leaving skin to grow slack, wrinkled, and dull overtime. This is especially true for women over 50, or those that have gone through menopause.

No matter if you’re a skincare enthusiast or a minimalist when it comes to a daily beauty routine, there’s no doubt that your skin’s needs change overtime. Menopause causes a decline in the production of estrogen - one of the key hormones in producing collagen. This can cause skin to itch, feel tight, and look flakey. It’s important to seek out skincare for mature skin, as the products tend to contain additional key ingredients that moisturize and hydrate.

For women over 50, the outermost layer of skin turns increasingly thin and flakey. There is less of a need for intense exfoliators, emollient cleansers, and scrubs. While these products still have a place in the over 50+ skin care lines, they are not as necessary as they are for women going through puberty or combating acne.

Gentle cleansers work best to cater to the skin’s thinning and sagging. Natural and organic ingredients often cause less irritation and encourage a balance in the PH levels of the facial skin.

In addition to cleansing, toning and face masks still hold rank in the lineup of skincare for mature skin. However, the number one most important item in any 50+ year old woman’s medicine cabinet is moisturizers. Replacing moisture, spurring collagen production, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles becomes top priority as skin relinquishes this duty over time. A firming face cream, nourishing under eye bag cream, brightening serum, and hydrating weekly face mask definitely help deliver additional moisture to areas that need it most.

Targeting face masks and under eye patches can add a little boost by prioritizing the delivery of caffeine, peptides, and antioxidants to vulnerable areas prone to displaying signs of aging. Easy to apply, extremely effective, these hydrating products can work wonders for mature skin.

Nourishing the body from the outside and inside is crucial when caring for aging skin. Dining on good fats, omega-3s, and antioxidant rich foods while skipping refined sugar, simple carbs, and excessive alcohol may reduce the effects that menopause has on our skin. In addition, seeking out products that contain natural ingredients, fatty acids, caffeine, and vitamins can help your skin soak in the moisture, appearing brighter, firmer, and more youthful.

Aging gracefully is a goal all women hope to achieve. Implementing the correct skin care for your age and skin type is just one step on the way to beautiful, mature skin.

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